Friday, May 21, 2010

Final Reaction

I found that over the course of this semester that I have learned so much. I came into the class with some previous knowledge which didn't really apply to the class as much as I thought originally. I really enjoyed making the model and found it very helpful to my understanding of the human form. Even though I was not able to finish the forearm in the time frame before pictures, I believe that my learning was excellent and my understanding is now much more. I feel as if I wish I would have had more time to dedicate to my final drawing also. I have already continued working on the drawing making the eyes smaller. It became hard for me in the time crunch. I tried my best with the time allowed. Overall I feel my drawings really changed and I feel that I truly understand the form and how to convey it with different line weight. I felt that my skull drawings became some of the most successful works of art in the class. It really showed my understanding of what the professor wanted from the class. I have really enjoyed this class and I am looking forward to more learning in Life Drawing II.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Face Study

These three face studies really helped me understand how to show a form through only line. The nose becomes interesting by showing the side plane that is essential to the facial relationships. I found that the way the eye works in the skull is very deep and protected creating a socket.

This drawing contained the whole body, giving me a total understanding of how the body works together. I felt that I was really researching and studying instead of just drawing. My process and thinking has changed slightly, especially how I start the body. This drawing shows my learning of showing form through line and giving a three dimensional feel to the human form.

Shell Drawing 4

This drawing was created last in the series, showing a progression. On this particular drawing I wanted to focus on the form of the shell not using line and mark making. I felt as if I wanted to have the ink act as a skin, which was mentioned in class. The use of ink and the washes worked to give the shell a sense of form and shadow. I felt that this drawing was successful even though parts of the whole become flat. The whole process of drawing the shell helped me understand a specific subject. This process was beneficial to me as an artist making observation and research the priority.

Shell Drawing 3

This drawing became very beneficial to my learning process, being the third in the series. I had time to work with my shell with the previous drawings and this became my first drawing incorporating ink. I found that the process of mark making gave me an understanding of form and how each part functioned in space.


This portrait helped me develop my technical skills, taking what I have been learning in life drawing and applying it. I found that since this class I have now been able to understand the facial structure better, therefore making the drawing feel as if it has form and exists in space. I was very appreciative of the advice that professor Ficther gave me in developing this drawing. My thought process started to change, giving me a very form based approach to drawing. This process will continue in my future work since so much of my work is base on human form. I am always learning and striving to become proficient with my technical ability.

Skull Study

These skull studies gave me a greater understanding of the human face and head, allowing a detailed understanding of structure. I found these studies to really help me understand how the skull moves back into space, in the three quarter view. The understanding of this basic foundation is the key to creating the face. One thing that really gave me interest was trying to truly give detail to the cranium. This was a challenge that I want to conquer and create even more successful works, making my eyes observe those specific details.