Friday, May 21, 2010

Final Reaction

I found that over the course of this semester that I have learned so much. I came into the class with some previous knowledge which didn't really apply to the class as much as I thought originally. I really enjoyed making the model and found it very helpful to my understanding of the human form. Even though I was not able to finish the forearm in the time frame before pictures, I believe that my learning was excellent and my understanding is now much more. I feel as if I wish I would have had more time to dedicate to my final drawing also. I have already continued working on the drawing making the eyes smaller. It became hard for me in the time crunch. I tried my best with the time allowed. Overall I feel my drawings really changed and I feel that I truly understand the form and how to convey it with different line weight. I felt that my skull drawings became some of the most successful works of art in the class. It really showed my understanding of what the professor wanted from the class. I have really enjoyed this class and I am looking forward to more learning in Life Drawing II.

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